Off Topic 1

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I know I’ve devoted this page to my journey with Essential Oils. But on my way home from work tonight I thought hmm…what would adequately reflect ME, my personality, who I am to my readers.

And then I saw it. This:

Office Tree

This is an artificial tree that sits outside the elevators on the 11th floor of the building in which I work. I’m unsure why there are Christmas lights on it. My belief is that maybe someone with a similar sense of humor one day thought you know what – that tree needs some bling.

Every now and then, I plug the Christmas lights in. Usually, they just hang there, no electricity, no light, just laying on the tree. I can’t remember exactly when I started doing it. I keep track of how many days it takes for someone to unplug it. My record is 11 days. (Don’t ask me how excited I was to come in that Monday to see the lights still shining! Around here, we don’t ask questions we don’t want the answers to…)

Today is day four of my current attempt. Fingers crossed for 12 days this time! No one ever says anything about it. No one asks me if I plugged the lights in, or if I know who did it. It’s almost as though no one notices but me. But then someone eventually unplugs it.

It always feels like December 26th when I come off the elevator and the lights are off – as though the holidays are over and it’s time to go back to reality. Sigh. And then I think oh I’ll turn them on again in a few days, and thus turn the calendar magically back to the day after Thanksgiving again. Exciting no?

And this is an example of what entertains me. I’ve learned over my years that pleasure lies in the small, usually free things in life. If you take a step back every now and then and look around, you’ll find something obscure, something every one else simply walks past without noticing. And suddenly that little thing grabs a bit of importance in your life.

Perhaps that’s sad on some level. The Christmas lights aren’t the ONLY thing in my life. I have a wonderful soon to be husband, an amazing almost college student daughter, a good career and a loving family (although large, Italian and loud are all additional adjectives that could easily exchange with “loving”, but we’ll discuss that in future blogs, I’m sure).

On the days I notice the Christmas lights, whether on or off, I feel like I’m living my life the way I should and the way I’m meant to live it. I’m taking note of the little things, and in those little things, I’m finding a bit more peace and happiness.

Friends, take a look around and find the little things in your life. It will make a difference – maybe not a huge difference, but a difference. And what if everyone, all humans on the planet, did one little thing each day to make the slightest difference in the world?

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