Let’s Be Frank(incense)


Ok, now that I’m back from my little “Off Topic” detour, let’s start diving into those oils you have in your Premium Starter Kit!

If you don’t have the kit yet, you can get it here. By clicking that link, you’ll be able to sign up for your Young Living membership and be eligible for the wholesale pricing of the oils and products offered on the Young Living website. I cannot stress enough that there is NO SELLING REQUIRED to get the wholesale pricing! You simply have to sign up for the membership (think of it as similar to your Costco or Sam’s Club membership) and choose your Premium Starter Kit. Remember, the Premium Starter Kit contains over $300.00 of oils and products – including a diffuser for your home! – and is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to Essential Oils. The wholesale member price of the Premium Starter Kit is only $160.00. You will ALWAYS have the option to start your own Young Living business for this small investment. However, I truly believe this is a personal decision for each individual to make. I felt absolutely NO pressure from my team to sell – and I don’t look at it as selling. I’m sharing my experiences and my journey toward better health and wellness. If you choose not to sell, you’ll still have access to the wholesale pricing of the oils and products of Young Living through your membership! (Which is exactly what I did for the first seven months of my membership!)

Now that you have all the information necessary to receive your kit, let’s start by discussing Frankincense oil.


In all honesty, I never knew anything about Frankincense oil other than the Three Wise Men brought it to the baby Jesus in the manger. Occasionally, you’ll hear oily people (that is – people who use Essential Oils regularly) refer to Frankincense as simply “Frank”. My own research educated me that Frankincense comes from the Boswellia tree sap. The bark of the tree is cut allowing sap to run from it. The sap is allowed to harden, and is then steamed to create Essential Oil.

Ironically, shortly before I ordered my starter kit, I developed a red “blotch”, for lack of a better word, right in the center of my chest. As you know, I’m getting married in September, and no, my wedding dress does NOT have a high neck collar. I initially thought of calling a dermatologist (and I’ll discuss my fear of medications in a future blog), but I had never seen one and didn’t know how long it would take to get an appointment. Ok, if I’m completely honest – I procrastinated. I looked at the blotch every day and thought hey – you should do something about that. But I never did.

So my kit arrives (I may or may not have stalked the mailman when I received notification of shipment), and as I’m researching the oils I’ve just received, I read that Frankincense is good for the skin. You don’t say! And that my friends, is how my first oily experiment started.

I opened the bottle and smelled it, because I have a pretty sensitive nose. And seeing as the blotch is right BELOW said sensitive sniffer, if this stuff smelled awful, there was no way I was going to use it. Have you ever bought a beauty product, or just tried one out in the store, and thought ugh – who thought THAT smelled good???? That was my fear.

As I’m sure you know, oils (and everything really) smell differently to different people. They all have a “base smell”; but sometimes someone can smell pine here, lemon there, a woody maybe cedar scent, etc. So I’ll describe what I smell in Frankincense: I smell some type of burned wood (which may be from the cuts to the bark to obtain the sap) blended with a fresh citrusy smell. It’s pleasant smelling to me.

The other thing I’ve noticed is once an oil is applied to your body, the smell may change. The way the oil interacts with your own unique (I’m unique just like everyone else!) scent can modify it as well. Luckily, once I applied Frankincense to my blotch, it smelled pleasant to me. In fact, I was able to apply it morning and night. It was a nice “perfume” so to speak, and I did have people tell me I smelled nice!

I applied Frankincense to my chest twice a day for about six weeks. I use most of my oils “neat”; that is, without a carrier oil to dilute them. I don’t have especially sensitive skin, and I would suggest you try each oil in small doses to ensure you don’t have a negative reaction to any of them.  All the oils are, obviously, plant based, and some people do have allergies to certain plants. If you do see a reaction to the oil, cleanse with a carrier oil (I use Jojoba and Vitamin E with my oils), and then try mixing the Essential Oil witha  carrier oil prior to applying to your skin. Once I started my experiment, lo and behold, each week, very slowly but steadily, the blotch began to blend into my skin. It didn’t disappear; but the redness resolved and at the end of the trial, the blotch was no longer easily visible. If I point it out to someone, they can still see a little of where it was. But it’s not immediately noticeable like it was prior to using the Frankincense.

I have recently purchased hemp and argan oil to make my own skin care oil-product. I want to see what Frankincense can do for these crow’s feet and laugh lines! Perhaps I’ll publish my results from this experiment on a future blog. I know people who have mixed Frankincense oil with shea butter to create a face and body cream as well.

So that’s our first oil discussion from your starter kit! Once you’ve tried Frankincense, please come back to this post and share your experiences! Congratulations on your first step into a wonderful smelling new world!

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The writer of this blog is an independent distributer of Young Living products from Pennsylvania, member number 3230639.

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