Getting to know Peppermint Oil!

Hello! We’re going to move to the next oil in your Premium Starter Kit – Peppermint Oil! There are so many uses for this oil!


Remember if you haven’t ordered your Premium Starter Kit from Young Living, you can do so here. It’s a wonderful way to introduce Essential Oils into your life! There are $300.00 worth of oils and products, including a diffuser, in the Kit, and Young Living sells it for $160.00.


Now, this could – COULD – also be the start of a business for you, but you absolutely do not have to sell if you don’t want to. I joined Young Living in January, and did tons of research, tried my oils, read some more, and compared other oils (I’ll write about that soon), before I ever thought about starting this blog and sharing my experiences with you. Instead, I made small purchases here and there, tried new oils, tried new products and basically kept track of what worked for me and what didn’t. I’m very happy with my journey so far towards a chemical free home and a much healthier lifestyle! You could simply take that path – I just want to be clear that you don’t have to sell anything to be a member of Young Living!

Ok, so now – Peppermint Oil! If you read my pre-camping blog here, you already know that this oil works as part of my DIY bug repellent! And my post-camping blog detailed how I used it to keep flies away from our food! There are so many other uses for it though! It has been shown to improve mental concentration and sharpness, AND helps with headaches (I have a rollerball of peppermint on my desk at work for these reasons!) For headaches, I placed a drop on my temples and one on the back of my neck and rub them in. In a few minutes, my headache starts to diminish.

Peppermint Oil can also be used to freshen your breath, enhance your cooking or baking, and to add flavor to your drinking water.

So here’s the story of my first use of the Peppermint Oil I received from my Premium Starter Kit. I believe it was February or March after I had received my kit. The stomach virus was going around (we all know how we feel about that right? It’s the time of year when someone sneezes and we put them in quarantine until we know for sure it’s just an allergy or dust accumulation causing the sneeze).


I started feeling queasy and thought oh boy…I’m a goner.

Side bar here – I HATE to throw up. HATE it. I will fight it with every fiber of my being when I feel it coming on. I KNOW I’d feel better if I did it. I KNOW it would speed the exit of the icky feelings in my body. BUT – I just HATE it. (Did I mention I HATE it?).

So I grabbed my quick reference book (my daughter and my future husband affectionately call this my “Spell Book”) and looked up “nausea” and lo and behold – it said to try Peppermint Oil. So I rubbed some just below my neckline so I could smell it and it did the trick! My nausea disappeared and I felt better!

My daughter developed the same symptoms a few days later. I placed some Peppermint Oil on a couple of cotton balls and had her place them in her pillowcase when she went to lie down. You can also diffuse this oil in your diffuser and it does wonders for stuffy noses and congested chests!

I hope you’ll try Peppermint Oil the next time you have one of these ailments, or to just freshen your breath or add flavor to your water! Come back and tell us all about your trials and successes with your oils! Thanks for stopping by, and please reach out with any questions or comments for me!

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The writer of this blog is an independent distributer of Young Living products from Pennsylvania, member number 3230639.

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